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Welcome to the Kitchen Studio and Wallbeds-ETC.

We are an Edmonton-based company who cares about extending the space of family homes for our surrounding communities.

Guided by owner and designer Lyle Morley and his 38 years of experience in the cabinet industry, we understand that everyone could use a little more space, so we are committed to turning any home room into a multi-purpose guest room.

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Now You See It; Now You Don't

We can extend a home room’s space with our customized furniture and wallbeds in Edmonton. Our furniture can provide you with extra storage, and our wallbeds are installed in cabinets with shelves and a frame that are designed to blend in seamlessly with any décor imaginable.

Our wallbeds are designed this way so that you can store them in any room without hassle. You can turn your den, study, family room, basement, or any other corner of your home into an instant spare bedroom!

We also provide a clever variation on our wallbed design: the hidden desk bed! We combine a full-size bed with a large desk so that you can switch between the two in your home office within a matter of seconds without needing to clear your desk or remove your bedding.

To make sure you get the best choice of furniture and wallbeds at the best price, we use local manufacturing to produce our products.

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