Sunday, January 21, 2018
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What is a wallbed? The spare room is working well as a home office, but what do you do when company arrives? A new twist on an old standby is the perfect solution to your dilemma. We can turn any room into a bedroom without remodeling.

The wallbed, also known as the murphy bed, has been around forever. No doubt you've seen one in an old movie. Right here in Edmonton, there's one in each suite on the Arlington Apartments, built during the twenties. The difference now is that your wallbed can be part of the cabinetry.

The Kitchen Studio Wallbeds-etc can incorporate that extra bed into a cabinet in your home office, den, sewing room, or library. No one knows the bed is there until you pull it down, all made up and ready to use.

Wallbeds are available in single, double, and queen sizes; vertical or horizontal positions. They are light and easy to manage. Great for seniors, and safe and sturdy with no worries about flipping up. Every house can use one, especially homes of empty-nesters downsizing, as well as condos, loft conversions and bachelor suites.

With today's real estate costs, not many homeowners can afford 140 square feet for a guest bedroom that's used only five per cent of the time. It makes a lot more sense to make practical use of the room 95% of the time and use the bedroom on demand when it is actually needed, which is what The Kitchen Studio and Wallbeds-etc offer.

With over 30 years experience in the industry and a competitive edge in design we create complete rooms as unique as our customers. The Kitchen Studio and Wallbeds-etc can make your room or kitchen "Your Own".

Now you see it, now you don't.

Call (780) 468-7088 to make an appointment at the showroom, or to have a wallbed Designer come out to your home for a free home consultation.
Where can you use a wallbed? A WallBed can be used anywhere that you need to save space. They have been put in condos, cottages, ski chalets, hotels, bed & breakfasts, apartments, studios and lofts, fire halls, ambulance stations, home offices and -of course- ordinary bedrooms for people of all ages.
What makes our wallbeds so special? Our beds have 2 important features. First is the high end spring mechanism which works with the weight of your mattress to open and close smoothly. Secondly there is our special foot mechanism which allows you to open and close the legs of the bed with one simple motion. The Chicago Murphy Bed Company bed mechanism has been tested to support a weight of 1200 pounds. Yet, this frame is light enough that you can use a regular coil or spring mattress. Many wallbeds are made using a foam mattress because they simply cannot open and close safely with the added weight of a regular mattress. The other benefit is that you have easy access for changing the sheets and there is no wooden box under your legs as you sit on the side of the bed.
Can the wallbed be used every day? Absolutely. As a matter of fact, we even install these in hotels and bed and breakfasts. The fact that you can put a regular coil mattress in here also means that if you choose a WallBed you do not need to sacrifice your sleeping comfort.
Can I leave the bedding in place when I close the wallbed? The bed can be left made up. We include with the bed a handy velcro strap which can also be used to hold the sheets and pillows in place.
How easy is it to open and close the wallbed? Well, at home shows we are always on the lookout for young children who we can get to impress their parents for us by closing the bed with just one or two fingers. The bed is counterbalanced with the weight of your mattress to also open slowly. A properly installed bed can even be partially opened and it will hold its' position without dropping! No surprises.
How easy are the feet to open and close on your bed? Our bed has heavy duty steel fold over feet. They are connected with a crossbar so that with one motion you can open or close the foot mechanism. When fully opened, they are recessed out of the way so that you do not stub your toes. When closed, the crossbar rests on top of your mattress and you see nothing but the cabinet.
What if I have a problem with the bed? We very rarely have a problem with out mechanism, however to protect you, our manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty.
Will I need to bolt this to the floor? There is no bolting to the floor. The bed is given some additional support by securing two L-brackets into the studs of your wall at the top of the bed. Not much more is done to your wall than if you were to hang up one or two pictures in your room. So, if you are renting you are not creating a problem down the road.

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